Why an above ground shelter?
Simple. Certain people do not want to go into an underground structure during an impending stormy weather. It is a primordial fear to some and it can be magnified during a period of
violent weather and especially when the tornado warning sirens are going off. Some people are likely to panic after the storm is over by all the debris covering the trapdoor or entrance to their underground shelter. It is a fear of being trapped. The above ground shelter is less
intimidating to the user than a subterranean shelter.

What is wrong with current shelter installation methods?
Some shelters need a massive operation to install the shelter on site. Backhoes and heavy
machinery are needed to dig large holes in the front or back yards, to move power lines then replace, moving fences, walls torn down and rebuilt. All this can be disruptive.

How does the Oklahoma Igloo™ compare with existing shelters?
Competitive shelters are capable of providing safety but human nature usually requires more than just the basics, improvements by the Oklahoma Igloo allow a better overall benefit value for both the customer and their pocketbooks. Prior to the Oklahoma Igloo™ , the shelter
solution has been to either build a big heavy box or dig a deep hole in the ground. Today, high-tech analysis and computer simulation allows us to design and develop the modern
tornado shelter that meets and exceeds safety regulations required by Federal, State,
Municipal and other agencies. The current design also provides for a level of comfort and has a highly appealing and inviting structure to make the tornado shelter experience more
wholesome and rewarding. Cost-wise, the Oklahoma Igloo™ is very competitive to all similar shelters on the market.

When will manufacturing start?
The Oklahoma Igloo™ team is expected to have initial manufacturing in place before the 2014 tornado season starts. This is expected to be by April 2014.

How soon can the perks coupons be redeemed?
The coupons can be redeemed by the coupon holder as soon as production of Oklahoma Igloo™ starts in 2014.

How will the coupons be redeemed?
Just like any manufacturers’ coupons the contributors can redeem their coupons directly from the Igloo™ group when they purchase their Igloos. In addition contributors can exchange or transfer their coupons with or to others who want to obtain an Igloo™.

Where the Igloo™ would be manufactured?
The Igloo™ group contemplates producing the Igloos at facilities to be set up in the Midwest. Primarily in Oklahoma initially, then later in other states like Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri and Texas.

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