Our Team

Dr. Henry Crichlow PhD PE, STANFORD University. with 40+ years, Registered Professional Engineer, major projects with Industrial Corporations & Groups, Major Universities, International Institutions and National Governments. World Wide Consultant in Engineering. Multiple innovative patents and applications in Engineering, Information Technology, Smart Grid, Nuclear Waste technology, Enhanced Petroleum Systems.

Dr. Gautam Dasgupta PhD, UC Berkeley is a recognized expert in structural analysis worldwide with more than 40 years academic and consulting experience. Currently Professor at Columbia University, his industrial experience includes NASA, Bechtel. His technical forte is structures, mathematical simulation and emergency preparedness.

Dr. Raymond Fuchs is a trauma specialist with 30+ years as an experienced Chief Psychologist focusing on traumatized patients and children and also treated hospitalized patients during the Oklahoma City Murrah Building Bombing. He is involved in first responder training for natural and man-made disasters for the Red Cross and other agencies and for traumatized deployed armed service personnel and is currently treating Oklahoma tornado survivors.

Mr. Colin Roach is a graduate engineer with two decades of significant experience as a practitioner in lean manufacturing in the USA and overseas. With his expertise in Industrial Management he currently works in optimizing manufacturing processes to minimize costs and maximize quality control using modern manufacturing systems.

Support staff: includes a worldwide group of professionals in all aspects of engineering, IT, simulation, psychology, CAD, CFD, economic analysis and meteorology.